Ambience And The Light Of The South (French Riviera)


Tonight’s challenge is “Ambience” and as Jeff Golenski suggested we choose pictures where Light was important, I went back to my latest pictures, those I took in Antibes, in the South of France, on the Riviera. And if I say the Light is something there, I really mean it. Boy, there is hardly a place, this side of the Mediterranean, where the light is so intense and beautiful. As in this picture of a bike in the port of Antibes.


Or this view at Dusk while looking towards the East. The lights at the end of the picture are those of the town of Nice.


Warm colours in Grasse. The Sun was so great we were in the lower seventies (20° celsius). In December!


Grasse again. No tampering, no tweaking. Pure sunshine. Fantastic.


This picture of a street in Antibes was a bit of a conundrum for photographers. Even though it was taken at Sunset, the light was so intense that there was no way of getting the sky exposed properly as well as the foreground. I had to underexpose the whole picture and manually reveal the shadows. In this kind of situations, a pro DSLR is quite handy.


Even at night there was something about the light there and the ambience.


A panorama view of the area from Grasse.

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  1. […] Today’s challenge is graceful. I found this statue of the seafront at Juan les Pins on the French Riviera so graceful, I thought it would have to be today’s picture. I will post no other so that you spend more time looking at it, at the construction of the picture, the way her look falls on the group of people on the righthand side, the geometry, the mirror effect and the beautiful light of the South. […]

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