Solitude, Peace and Beauty

When I think of “solitude“, I think of our beautiful mountains in the Pyrenees. The chair I sit in and from which I look at the top of the mountains where I do mountain biking. There’s no one there. Just bears. And even so.

Vacété2012public DSC 2722

The lakes, the vista. Peace. A break from the Big City.

Vacété2012public DSC 2931 2 3

The stunning landscapes (here from the Spanish side). 

Vacété2012public DSC 3086

Peace. Green peace. Pure beauty.

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  1. Lovely scenes, indeed. Where a mountain bike can justify its name. I must confess that lately I have tended to use my mountain bike as a valley bike! 🙂

  2. “Pure beauty.” That’s exactly how I would describe your images, Yann! Sometimes solitude can be a gift by helping us appreciate the beauty and stillness we may otherwise not notice.

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