Olympic Towers

Olylmpic Towers - Les Olympiades

Les Olympiades, a Council Estate (social housing) development in the Southeast of Paris (13th district). This is the epicentre of the Chinese quarter of Paris. All towers are named after a City which housed the Olympic games hence its name.

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  1. I never knew the origin of the towers’ names, Yann — thank you for my Paris lesson of the day. And thank you also for your wonderful photo, which reminds me to look up on occasion. Great sense of perspective in your shot!

    • Thanks Heather for the kind comment. It’s not a beautiful part of the City but I was rather pleased with my shot indeed. In fact I teach nearby at the Paris School of Business campus at the corner of Tolbiac and Nationale. I was there this very morning in actual fact. If you visit the area, I recommend you hire a guide (there are guided tours with Arkeotopia.org for instance) who will take you to the hidden places in the Chinese quarter and mostly the secluded Buddhist temples. Here are my pictures from the Chinese New Year pageant, taken a few weeks ago: https://flic.kr/s/aHskNov8pQ

      • How funny to realize — with the additional details you’ve provided — that I’ve actually been to this area, but had no idea what I was seeing! Thank you for the suggestion of and link to a guided tour, Yann … it sounds well worth the time when I’m in town next. Lovely shots on your Flickr page too, by the way! I loved the combination of close-ups and crowd shots; you really gave a sense of the atmosphere of the event.

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