A Bit Of Greenery

Greenery is everywhere in Gerberoy

Greenery everywhere in Gerberoy

Green - Greenery

Today’s challenge is “green”. That’s an easy subject in a country where it rains so much, even though today, the sun is shining bright. Above the Auteuil greenhouses. This palm tree doesn’t need much water though.


Gerberoy, West of the Paris region, on the fringe of Normandy, water is plentiful. How could the grass be greener?


Gerberoy again. Ivy everywhere.


There’s nothing like complementary colours like these. Geberoy again.

Jardins Le Sidaner

Above all, you’ll find the Le Sidaner gardens over there. Le Sidaner was a Breton painter.

“Behind, spaces surrounded by groves form independent gardens, linked by steep paths winding under the trees. They rise up to a rose garden, the terrace of which rests on a section of the ruins of the old castle.

Next to the rose garden, with its boxwood borders, a small summer studio reminds us that Henri le Sidaner used to make sketches in the garden, which he would then finalise in his studio below.

Then, higher up, a rotunda crowned by a gazebo and an arbour surrounded by bower. Everywhere in the flowerbeds, rosebushes run along the walls, along the balconies separating the gardens.




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