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Last Friday’s challenge is about ‘reflecting’ and this time I’m spoilt for choice. Above a mediaeval house reflected in a puddle in Rouen.

Chinese New Year 2017 Paris

A reflected shadow of a cyclist in a cycle lane.


The Cathedral of Amiens reflected in the windows of the beautiful and dainty Le Prieuré Hotel.


Yachts reflecting in the waters of the port of Antibes on the Riviera.


More of the same


A convex street mirror in Marnes la Coquette


Do I need to add a caption to that one?

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    • LOL dogs often reflect their masters’ behaviour you are right. I Worked all day yesterday I must have been half conscious at daybreak. I did mean puddle indeed. Thank you kindly. Will correct Asap.

  1. No sir, no caption is needed for that last one. 😉 But what a wonderful collection you’ve shown us — I really love the diversity of your interpretations. The bicyclist captivated me especially because it takes quite an eye indeed to spot something so interesting in what to most people would be just a banal and totally ordinary moment. Great post, Yann.

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