Law and Order

law and order

We call it July 14th, and foreigners call it Bastille Day. There is no better day in the year for a demonstration of law and order. Mind you, at the moment, it sounds a bit as if it were July 14th everyday what with the constant flow of Police and Army who try, and most of the time manage, to keep us out of harm’s way.


Order I said. These guys are even better aligned than a bunch of Vancouver eclairs and they certainly are flying a lot faster.


From my vantage point on the Leopold Sedar Senghor’s bridge I was on for a demonstration of order at 300 mph.


No tampering I promise.



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  1. Wonderful shots, Yann! That one from the Leopold Sedar Senghor bridge is particularly stunning — talk about capturing the decisive moment! Loved your take on this challenge.

    • Thanks Heide. My Nikon at 6 FPS did all the work I think. It was just a matter of being there and pressing the right button at the right time.
      Now your comment has given my wife and I an idea. We’ll try and position ourselves at a good vantage point this year, July 14 is only a month away, and take a few shots to complete our collection.
      Kind regards
      PS: Checking your blog every now and then but alas, no sequel to your Arles story 🙁

      • I’m honored to have fostered an idea for this year’s Bastille Day, Yann. I will eagerly anticipate the results. I’m terribly sorry to have thus far disappointed on the Arles follow-up, though … I won’t bore you with my excuses, but I *will* assure you that I’m toiling away on the photos in the background as time allows. 🙂

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