Transient Statuary on Alexandre III Bridge

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Today’s Friday challenge is “transient”. Last Sunday I had decided to walk along the river bank thanks to a meet-up discovery tour of the bridges of Paris. Fine, not really new to me but as you know, I’m grounded here, so I’d rather make the most of it and grow a stiff upper lip. Nonetheless, as I was walking past Alexandre III for the hundredth time, I noticed something that I had never spotted before. People on the bridge were looking like statues, only transient ones, and as the Sun and the heat were so intense (above 100° Fahrenheit and upper 30s celsius) colour photography was an absolute no no. So at the end of the day, I was pretty happy with the result. And here I got my transient statuary on the Alexandre III bridge, and these weren’t made at the turn of the twentieth century.

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  1. When I first glimpsed your image in my reader I mistook those people for statuary too, Yann. What a marvelous trompe d’oeil! Congratulations on another great interpretation of a challenge. Speaking of challenges: Inutile de visiter mon blog pour voir s’il y a quelque chose de nouveau. I may have finally bitten off a freelance project too big to chew! But with any luck I’ll be done with content revisions in the week ahead and will finally get back to blogging. I hope so … I’ve missed my friends here. Best wishes for a productive week ahead!

    • Thanks for your kind comment Heide. This is good news. There will always be time for blogging later. Let me know about your freelance project via LinkedIn. Kind regards. Yann.

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