Mines de Bentaillou (Pyrenees)

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    • We’re a bit biased because this is where my wife’s family is from and we have a house there and obviously this is our favourite part. This is bear and mountain country. Bentaillou is a former zinc and lead mine 6,500 ft above sea level. It takes a 3 hour-walk from the valley. In fact nobody goes there, as you have noticed, nobody knows where the Ariege is.

  1. “WOW” and “holy cow” come to mind in attempting to describe this place, but you’re right: No words. Gorgeous photo, though!

      • My life is a shambles, Yann — too much work, and too much change all at once! But I will get through it and will return to see what you’ve been up to the past month. Hope all is well with you, too …

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