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To picture today’s “scale” theme, if Erica hadn’t suggested it, I would have chosen mountains anyway. They are so huge and beautiful, no need to comment. Enjoy!

[All shot in 2017 in the Ariège]






  1. One of the things I most love about mountains is how they can be so enticing and also so forbidding at the same time. Gorgeous images, Yann.

    1. Thank you so much Heide. And forbidding they are as fard as I am concerned, what with bad ankles and a torn internal crucial ligament at my left knee. I’m always very cautious because I can climb very easily but going downhill is a bit of an issue and I never know whether I’ll be able to make it to the car park.

      1. Oh dear, Yann … both about your ankle-and-knee challenges, and about the fact that it’s taken me SIX WEEKS to reply. So sorry on both counts! But if ever I have the pleasure of hiking with you, we will be in the same boat because I also have trouble getting back down from my climbs. One friend famously suggested I should strap a sled onto my back for a more rapid descent, but in the mountainous terrain you’ve shown us here that would probably be a terrible idea. 🙂 Anyway … I hope to get back in the swing of things soon and catching up with you.

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