2017 Favourite and Happy New Year

Today’s post is my favourite photo from 2017, one I shot on Nov 3 this year in St Tropez.


It’s so vibrant even though November isn’t supposed to be the best of months, and it wasn’t this year. It’s my favourite too because we were meant to spend New year’s eve on the Riviera and I caught the flu so that I won’t be able to shoot any more pictures from the South in 2017. I chose this picture for our 2018 Season’s Greetings card so Merry Christmas to you all and Happy 2018!


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  1. Oh, Yann … what a pity about the flu! Although it’s a shame it has scuttled your travel plans, I hope you will have a speedy recovery so you can start 2018 with full strength (and make more beautiful images like this one). Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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