Faceless In the Crowd

Today’s challenge is “a Face in the Crowd” although I decided to rename it “Faceless in the Crowd” as the challenge is about showing people in crowds whereas their faces aren’t  visible. I went back to my files and found plenty of these. Like the one above showing the parade for Bastille day. I managed to shoot those characters at an angle so that none of them is recognisable. Let alone the other characters in the background. For this picture, I had to stay on one foot on a wall, nearly breaking my neck, so that my camera would be able to shoot over the heads of the onlookers lining the road.

35389721195_72e603ffd9_kAnother technical trick: shooting against the sun on a hellishly hot mid-Summer day.35946550343_5d1ac63435_kThe crowd on the esplanade of in the “Invalides” on Bastille day last year.


The gateway at Guedelon, a ‘new medieval castle’ being built by History enthusiasts in Burgundy.36901717125_ef9f144a43_kThe crowd at a night festival at Aubert (in the Ariège, that’s for Margaret), in the historical Marble quarry discovered by the Romans.36527247930_95f3a1ceaf_kThe Ariège again in Saint Lizier with people having drinks outside.26623037299_fc947d0c6f_kSaint Tropez on the Riviera, last November with this family coming out of the Castle.

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