I’d Rather Be On The Riviera

I’d rather be on the the beach. We’ve had 100 days (!) of rain and snow [as much as in a full year] and we are sort of fed up with it. Sub zero temperatures are for eskimos, I’d rather be in the sunshine on the Riviera (even though it’s not very sunny over there at the moment, but don’t tell anyone!)27427934263_79b1d5de13_kI could do with a stroll on Ile Ste Marguerite, opposite Cannes. The Wife and I have been desperate for months to go hiking in the woods and country. It was not possible, even if we were wearing our Wellies we wouldn’t have been able to trudge through the mud and puddles.
Now, what of this blue sky out there?! Doesn’t that make you dream?28042040575_b43eccc228_kAnd finally, a stop at a nearby coffee shop in Antibes. You wouldn’t even have to learn French. How convenient.

Thanks Krista for a nice challenge, I felt a bit baffled by last week’s post and couldn’t get started for fear of writing a story which would last for too long.

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