Lines is one of my favourite subjects. When I’m on a photo stint for the 14th district choir  I often roam around in search of lines in the churches in which the choir is singing. 40152058264_941832ce79_k40152072494_56b35b7dce_k

The above two pictures were taken from the amazing ND du Travail (Our Lady of Labour, literally), a church built by and for the workers who were toiling on the universal exhibitions of the beginning of the twentieth century).


Lines and curves from the Holy Trinity (Paris, 9th district).

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  1. Rats! I had meant to visit Notre Dame du Travail during my last trip, but forgot. It’s a wonderful consolation to see it through your eyes, though. Lovely photos, Yann.

  2. Man, these are some great lines. Thank you for visiting my blog, I hope I whisked you away somewhere. I would follow you for you love of lines alone!

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