Unlikely Event


I discovered the Ariege in the 2000s. It’s a nice place, in the middle of nowhere where not much happens. Apart from gadding about amongts the trees  surrounded by beautiful mountains, not much unlikely happens. Fine, you might run into the odd bear (there are 40 of them now) but the buggers are rather afraid of humans and tend to hide wherever they can. Little did we know that a few miles from our home, in Aubert, you had some of the most beautiful black marble quarries in the world. The Romans knew about it already. Now, their descendants from Carrare in Italy are coming all the way there to slice the mountain up and bring these large cubes home to serve for decoration on boats and private jets and Art too.


We discovered the quarries while going to attend a very unlikely dance show, which made for beautiful photography anyway.36762179411_6953348e7a_k

The quarry was decorated with candles which gave that eerie look to everything there. I said unlikely, I didn’t mean it wasn’t beautiful though.36762205041_d69f18a4d7_k

On our way home on the old marble bridge, myriad candles lighting the way.37384872482_e02a9eb7ee_k

In a country where one wears clogs like these, anything unlikely can happen I believe. I read about the history about these clogs and it’s even more unlikey that it’s Irish visitors who apparently created or inspired them. Weird.

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    • Thank you kindly Margaret. This is because living in Laroque d’Olmes you were at least one hour’s drive from the Valley of Bethemale, where they make these clogs and also a lot of Cow milk’s cheese (and ewe’s milk cheese too, my preferred choice). The valley is tucked away in the West of the Ariège, towards the Vallier, a lesser known part of the area, closer to where we live. The area where you lived is actually part of an entirely different region: Languedoc and mostly protestant, whereas ours is part of Gascogne and mostly Catholic. Of course, this discrepancy is rather a sign of the past but remnants of it account for main differences between both areas. Et voilà !

      • Merci beaucoup! Yes, we had friends in Rimont and Seix, so we did come over in your direction at least, and even saw those clogs occasionally. I think if we were staring all over again, happy as we were with our choice, we’d head over towards your side of the area.

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