A Man Tired of London…

‘Is a man tired of life’ as the saying goes. I never grew tired of London but you don’t choose where you were born do you?23976000989_71cf342071_k

But you do choose where you live. This is the place in the world I have always wanted to live in and I was very lucky to live there for 4 years.23715595094_17d0a97709_k

London is a very energetic city, one where options are always open, where the world is always at your doorstep. A lot of the time I was jumping on planes and travelling the world. 24048185940_abfe681084_k

Not far from where I lived.


My dream as a young man was to live in a mews flat. and I did. Brook Mews North, W2.24048197580_9eb20e969b_k

29B Brook Mews North where I used to live. The “No Parking At Any Time” sign is my doing and it’s still there more than 20 years later. 24261278001_cab29f850f_k

A classic view of London


I never grew tired of London, which was a constant source of inspiration for mehieiffel-finie

One day I had to get back home however. It wasn’t meant to happen like that but circumstances were such that I settled down for good, you know where. Another source of inspiration. A man tired of Paris is also a man tired of life.40365350115_7424b9d6fb_k

As a young man people would ask me in London whether I preferred London to Paris and they would immediately add: ‘of course, you prefer Paris, goes without saying…’ and that used to drive me potty. Much as I like both, people, I prefer London. And the sudden surge of jingoism over there will do nothing to change my mind nor the good memories I have from my time in England.

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  1. I agree. I’m lucky enough to visit London often, and. I relish discovering lesser known corners of this city. Still, this little Country Mouse is glad enough to get away from the hurly burly after a few days!

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