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Nikon D600 – Nikon 24-85 VR 

A little while ago I was testing one of my no-so-good-lenses and at the end of the day, I liked the result quite a lot so I decided to keep the picture.

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  1. Sometimes the not-so-good lenses can produce surprisingly appealing images like the one you’ve shot here, Yann. (Do you think maybe it’s in part because we’ve become more accepting of diffusion and softness in the corner of the frames in this age of Instagram?) Great color and composition just the same, though!

    • Hi Heide, thanks for your comment. I went back to Ken Rockwell’s post on that lens in which he describes its bokeh as “heinous”. But honestly I can’t really tell the difference and I don’t think it really matters. I’m not sure about Instagram because I see a lot of pictures on Instagram which weren’t shot with phones as they used to. As it happens I used to like Instagram a lot a few years ago but I don’t like what I see there now (and don’t mention the filters). I think the quality of the picture IMHO is in its composition, as a matter of fact I’m more of a painter than a photographer so that’s potentially why this picture sort of “works well”. Obviously most good compositions are done on the fly and without thinking, I guess the brain is doing funny calculations in the background that your consciousness cannot quite register. Well, I’m not so much into theory in that area, not sure my explanations make any sense…

      • Your explanations make perfect sense, Yann! In fact, I share your theory about composition: It does seem to happen in the background almost subconsciously, perhaps even before you realize you are “seeing” a photograph. I’ve noticed this in my own work — often after shooting a scene for several minutes I’ll realize my very first frame was the strongest.

        As for bokeh … I’m such an amateur that I can’t even distinguish “good” blur from bad, let alone “heinous.” (My goodness!) On that topic I suppose we could get into a whole separate discussion about photographic technique vs artistry, though frankly I favor artistry and expression every time.

        And Instagram! There are still a couple of accounts I follow, but in general find the trendiness of it all off-putting. You can almost tell when a photo was shot by looking at the color grading and filters, as each new fad sweeps through the population like a pandemic! Merci, non.

        Gosh. When did I turn into such a crankypants? 🙂

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