San Gimignano (Tuscany)


May 2018

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    • Very nice indeed even though the weather wasn’t up to scratch. Mind you, this year, it seems that the climate has gone completely wild. Today we had massive thunderstorms and hail storms. Very impressive.

  1. What marvelous images — I love the different moods you’ve captured. That second shot especially looks like a dream, almost cinematic. Beautiful work, Yann!

    • Thank you kindly Heide. Must admit that given the mostly unpleasant weather we had over there, I had to summon all my Lightroom skills to bring light onto that thick mist. Must also admit I’m rather pleased with the result. Your nice comment seems to confirm 🙂 thank you!

      • I never would have guessed, Yann — your Lightroom skills are magnificent, apparently! Extra-well done, then.

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