All-Time Favourite And Farewell Pic To Friday Photo Challenge


Today I finally managed to make time for posting my last and final picture for the Friday Photo Challenge. I must admit that I was pretty much dispirited when I spotted the news — somewhat belatedly — that the challenge was now over and that there would be no more postings. It’s a bit sad but we’ll move on and this blog will certainly not stop here.

As the editors’ challenge was “all-time favourites” I went back to my files and posted the picture I like most, taken from the thousands of pictures that I have kept on Flickr. I took risks to shoot that picture as I was standing in the middle of the road with my tripod, capturing the moving lights from that bus in Blois, as it was zooming in and turning right towards the town-centre.

I have been a long time fan of long exposure photography at night, it’s a brilliant way of seeing things in a different light. I love this picture and the stroll I take every now and often in Blois with my tripod and my Nikon 810 and my favourite 50-year old Nikkor 35 mm lens.

Goodbye Friday Photo Challenge and a million thanks to the people at Automatic who kept it going for so long.

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  1. That is a brilliant – and courageous – photo. And it’s thanks to the WP Photo challenge that I ‘met’ blogs like yours, so it’s sad that they have discontinued it. Doubtless we’ll survive!

      1. Exactly. There are quite a few around – I tried one this week. But I’m still looking really. Or as you say, perhaps it’s up to ex WP groupies!

      1. Somewhere on The Daily Post (of course) there should be a list of blogging events. I’ll take a look later and see if there is one specific to photography and let you know.

        1. No, actually it looks like they removed the community blogging events. Everything is now centric to The Daily Post. Shame really.

  2. What an incredible photo, Yann — you are right to be proud of it. But what a shame about the Friday challenge. I never participated, but so many of my blog-friends who did are in despair. Do you think they would bring it back by popular demand? Or should we (the people) start our own?

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