Gluten Party

I’m gluten intolerant, I can look at these, I can’t eat them anymore.

Gluten-free wine.

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    • I tried GF pizza once or twice and it wasn’t a great success. I can buy GF pizza dough from a specialised GF bakery here but I haven’t tried it yet. Will think about it. In the meantime we’ll try again GF pizzas from the Big Love pizzeria in the 3rd district. Haven’t had time to get there though.

  1. My sympathies, Yann — my husband is gluten-intolerant as well, so I know what a pain it can be to have to think carefully about everything you eat. But as others have pointed out, at least there are more options available now (including pizza crust and wine!). I raise my glass in a toast to you. 🙂

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