Commuting in Normandy

Commuting doesn’t need to be grim or boring.

Commuting in Normandy

My morning commute in Normandy

Commuting in Normandy can be fun.

For the past four years, after a two-week vacation, we have arranged our Summer schedule in order to spend a bit of time far from the madding crowd so that I can work remotely.

This year we went to our house in Normandy in Ouistreham Riva Bella, better known as Sword Beach, the first landing beach of the 1944 Operation Overlord.

Co-working space in the country

Such was the landscape this morning on my 17km commute to the office (a small co-working space in a nearby village), along the canal of the river Orne, a few miles from Pegasus Bridge (I’ll show that in a forthcoming post).

Commuting doesn’t have to be that grim. On that beautiful yet cold Summer morning, I was able to take a few pictures with my phone.

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