Beauty and Halloween Gloom In Tresco


Tresco is one of the Isles of Scilly and it’s stunningly beautiful. One of its landmarks is the Abbey Garden, a subtropical garden with species from all over the world (thanks to the very temperate climate of the island).


But this is halloween so I thought I’d show you these other pictures taken from across the windows of a derelict house near the harbour.

This one is particularly Halloweenish. Fortunately, Halloween is over, I’ll soon show you more pictures taken in the beautiful isles of Scilly last Summer.

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  1. That face/mask in the window is terribly eerie, isn’t it? I love how you’ve shot it too, at an angle and with a very shallow depth of field — adds to the “unbalanced” feeling of the scene. But yes … thank goodness Halloween is over! Hope you’ve been well, Yann.

    • Thanks Heide good to have you back on the blog. I’m fine even though it seems I’m catching colds every other week. Can’t wait for next Summer, 6 months of hibernation for me. Hope it’s not too cold on your side of the North Pole.

      • Ugh! So sorry to hear about these recurrent colds, Yann — but nothing six months of hibernation can’t solve, I hope? (That sounds truly glorious, by the way.) And thankfully, it’s not too cold here yet, in spite of a rough start to October. In fact, the snow we had last month very much reminded me of last April in Paris. Doesn’t that seem like a whole lifetime ago already?

      • It does seem like a lifetime. Snow in October! Blimey, I’m not cut out for Minnesota Heide. It’s funny these colds I had very few before I believe. Probably something to do with the fact I’m on my bike everyday in all weathers. Give me a shout next time you’re here will you?

      • I’m not sure i’m cut out for Minnesota either, Yann, ha ha. But i KNOW i’m not cut out for riding a bike in Paris — so chapeau, monsieur ! That may indeed be contributing to your colds … but it also keeps you active and healthy, so what is a fellow to do? Buy more pastilles de menthe, i expect. And absolutely, will give you a shout before my next visit. Le mai prochain, peut-être ? I will keep you posted; would love to see you again and catch up.

      • Cool. Looking forward to seeing you again. You are right about biking keeping you healthy. You should see all the pictures on lu Facebook profile. I’m sure you would like them. Good luck with the cold!

      • Looking forward already to seeing you, too! But it appears I won’t have to wait so long to see those photos, eh? I’m off to check out your new blog post. Thank you in advance, Yann!

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