Being A Member Has Its Advantages

And being a cyclist too. I’m reacting to a comment by my friend Heide in one of my previous posts where she pointed out that she wasn’t cut out for cycling in Paris. But cycling in Paris doesn’t mean that you have to throw your bike at speeding cars moving in the opposite direction with no respect of life nor law.

Well, it means a little of that for sure, but once you have saved your skin and are lucky enough to emerge at the end of the Place de la Concorde unscathed, then you’ll be the lucky ones, lucky enough to enjoy stunning Cityscapes.

Pont Neuf

My wee “Brommie” (Brompton) by the Pont Neuf. All shots performed with my iPhone 8 Plus

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  1. Well, when you put it like THIS, Yann, I can certainly see the allure! Inspired by your example, perhaps during my next visit I’ll be brave enough to try a Vélib for the first time (or whatever the replacements are called that are littering the sidewalks and intersections). I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more beautiful or compelling argument for commuting by bike, in any case. Merci pour le follow-up. 🙂

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