Fridge Bridge By Night (One More Time)

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  1. What marvelous photos, Yann! Though you have me wondering how I managed to miss this bridge when my husband and I visited Blois last year. Now I’m wishing we’d had YOU along as a guide! 🙂

      • I was wondering how I could have possibly missed a bridge right outside the train station, so I Googled “Blois” and realized I’ve never been there. I was confusing it with Amboise! My goodness. I wonder some days whether it’s safe for me to drive and hold down a job … Mon dieu !!
        PS: Now you’ve made me curious about Blois. I will try to plan a day trip during my next visit.

      • Wonderful to know, Yann. And I’m glad you’re still talking to me in spite of my feeblemindedness! (Ha ha.)

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