Blue Hour Shadows

On that same night when I shot the fridge bridge during the blue hour, only a few minutes before, I noticed that the shadows made by trees under the street lighting were weird and interesting.

As a matter of fact they turned out blue too. Very eerie.

Spooky even.

And there was this cap-wearing gentleman scurrying down the streets towards the station. This blue hour thing makes me want to shoot a whole series.

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  1. My husband and I call those “creepy French trees” — and your photos perfectly illustrate why, Yann. You got some wonderful images out of them, though. I especially love the one with that canvas of deep-blue sky.

    • Thanks Heide. I know what you mean, it’s just that they have been pollarded. Gardeners like torturing their trees over here. However the most impressive example of pollarded trees I’ve ever seen was in Burnham Beeches West of London. But I couldn’t find any decent pictures of that place and that tells me we should get back there one day with our cameras. When all that Brexit nonsense is over.

      • Thank you for sharing that fascinating article, Yann (including the hilarious conclusion that “removing all the of tree’s branches would almost certainly kill it”). Now I know the term “pollarding,” and why the trees look so naked! Still, I agree that once this Brexit fiasco ends we should make a field trip with our cameras to record first-hand the Dr. Seussification of these trees. 🙂

      • One of the best things about blogging is that it happens at the speed of life — so please don’t worry about your response time. It’s always nice to connect here whenever we can both get around to it! I’m both surprised and delighted to have introduced you to Dr. Seuss, though. His books and cartoons are still a staple of childhood in the U.S., even if the website is hopelessly outdated. (Who is using full Flash anymore?! We should team up and offer Random House a makeover, Yann.)

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