Saint Antoine des Quinze Vingts

A week ago we attended a concert, the wife and I, which took place in the weirdly named Saint Antoine des Quinze Vingts Church (literally, Saint Anthony of the fifteen-twenty). Fifteen twenty what? I wondered. It comes from the number of beds in the nearby eponymous Quinze Vingts hospital (15 times twenty hence 300 beds). Quite a large hospital I should think way back in the thirteenth century).

As you may have guessed the church does not date from 1260. It was planned at the end of the 19th century and is a 1900-1920 job. I was able to roam the first floor as I was invited as the photographer for the choir of chamber music in Ile de France (they are remarkably good by the way).

I, therefore, spent time taking pictures of architectural details, while I was at it. Parts of the building were refurbished in 2009. 

Saint Anthony. If you zoom well enough, you will spot the pig. The story of St Anthony and his pig is somewhat baffling for it has rather little to do with the Saint himself. I let you check that one out if you will.

The church is therefore quite new (barely a century) and some of its architecture looks very industrial. Almost looks like the WeWork building rue Lafayette.

As I said, a remarkable choir, le chœur de chambre d’île de France. For those who are here, please check their web page for details.

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