Candle Light dinner party in Léran

There is something very enchanting about candle light, especially at a dinner party displayed in a garden.

Candle Light Dinners

It’s a beautiful nineteenth-century house in Léran, in the Ariège, a dozen kilometres south of Mirepoix. The house is jam-packed with antiques and works of art from various periods. What I prefer though is the garden. In the summer, when we get there in August, we often have drinks and dinner parties outside.

Candle Light
The light from the candles illuminates the wisteria.

The garden and above, a giant wisteria. The vines of the wisteria intricately wind like the metro of Paris. A beautiful walkway shielded by the beauty of the woody plant leads you through the garden, there is candlelight everywhere.

Window Light
The stained glass becomes illuminated by the LED lights inside and out.

The Art nouveau window in the background would be worth a blog post in itself. Stained glass with another garden of its own showing off, though now it is a beautiful sight I wonder how the sunlight hits it in the mornings, giving off stunning colors.

Candle Light
The small candles light up the pathway through the garden.

Candles everywhere. A true garden dinner brightened by candle light.
Candle Light Dinner

Getting ready for dinner.

I never fail to bring my camera for the light is beautiful. A mixture of electricity and candlelight while the greens in this garden are incredible, the tones ranging from lime to emerald.

Above the door that leads to the garden.

Bringing in more chairs for the dinner party. Mr Frog is watching, he is the guardian of the garden.

The Light from Above

Seen from above. The multicolor Spanish tile roof, the lights, and the flower-full trees. I wonder how old this roof is to show this sort of beautiful and visible wear.

The mixture of man-made light and the stars is a beautiful contrast.

Candlelight and starlight too. Not too much light pollution where the stars are not visible, but still showcases a small conservatory. No candle light can be seen here, but I guess that’s not a bad thing up here.

The Warm LanternCandle Light Dinner

A garden dinner surrounded by family and friends, and the wisteria. Though it is not in full bloom, you can feel the beauty through its wooden twisted vines. The candle’s light around dinner provides a familiar ambiance.

Candle Light Dinner
The light from the lantern is stronger than a candle light and offers a stronger ambiance.

My favourite shot. A warm orange lantern light illuminated the bird bath for the couple taking a break for a refreshing drink. The flower inside of the lantern draws your eyes toward it. The moss growing on the wall alongside the branches and faucet offer a sort of disguise.

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