One step further for the anti museum

anti museum logo
Here’s a new logo for the anti museum

The anti museum needed a new logo and this is why.

As I am thinking about my new project I have begun to redesign this blog. This is only step one, but soon I will install a new template for It will cease to be a blog and will be promoted to a website. The blog will still be visible on the website and I will continue to update it regularly.

I will even post more and more content to it. The site is now bilingual and its former French version is now part of the main site. Before installing the new template, I will start working on how I want to present my work and what kind of artistic projects I have in mind.

This will take a while. I’m not in a hurry. It will probably take me a full year to tart everything up, and get ready for exciting new projects. In the meantime, I needed to give Antimuseum a logo. As a matter of fact, it’s not even a new logo as it never had one before.

The anti museum was created in the 1990s (1997 if I remember well) and its earlier version is still visible online at At the time it was the only anti museum online. Since then, there have been a few clones. But I was lucky enough to be able to buy the domain name a few years ago and it stuck.

It was my watercolour website originally and gradually, from 2011 onwards, it transitioned into a photography website. Now I want to take the whole thing one step further and I designed this little logo to put a stake in the ground. I might even get back to watercolours, in fact, I really wish I had more time to do so. In the next few years, I will get myself organised so that time is made available daily for these activities. My business schedule will tend to be less cluttered to give way to these new projects.

The current period is a bit harrowing and we are all going through these periods of despair. Still, the more chaos there is around us, the more conducive it is to creativity and inventiveness. There is solace to be found in moving ahead rather than waiting for things to get better.

Not only is it a way to take one’s mind off the dreary news, but it is also a means to transcend that and move beyond and even, if possible, try and make the world a better place. Art is often a good way of doing this.

Yann Gourvennec
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  1. Take your time. Put in whatever you want. It is your site.
    I will have to visit your archives as you posts here are very interesting.
    Be assured I will keep visiting during the construction process (complete with hardhat and safety boots 😉 ).

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