Working on the portfolios of the antimuseum

portfolios anti museum

I’m working on the portfolios of the anti museum right now. The task is huge, and it’s very exciting too.

portfolios anti museum
A (strangely-named) pub in Ouistreham (aka Sword Beach) in Normandy. The writing on the window says “closed until?” It’s true that one doesn’t know when this thing will — if ever — finish.

Working on the Anti museum portfolios

As the writing on the window above states, no one knows when restaurants will reopen, nor museums, cinema houses, theaters, and the rest of it. Much as it’s getting on everybody’s nerve, one can always look towards the future and make preparations for the “new normal”, which hopefully won’t be like today’s.

Rome and Paris were off to a bad start in the Covid race, and we had our fair share of lockdowns, face masks and social what’s it. Now is the time when we are on the brink of another lockdown, with our nextdoor neighbours in a pretty mess and our friends from Lisbon in a trance after 2 months indoors.

I’d rather put my blinkers on and start working on the anti museum portfolios. Such is my work now, with 10 more months to go in order to build the anti museum of the future. Not only will this take my mind off you-know-what, it’s also a step forward in the new direction that my photography work is taking.

It means revisiting more than 11,000 odd pictures, and it’s a lot of work and the risk is that it may go in all sorts of directions. Task number one for that matter is to sort everything out and this will, I’m sure, take a few more months.

Now, the good news is that the anti museum cannot be closed due to Covid 19, it’s open and will always be.

Working on the portfolios of the anti museum
Working on the portfolios of the anti museum at breakneck speed until the end of the year
anti museum portfolios
A preview of the forthcoming portfolios of the anti museum. The index can be seen at

Working on my portfolios means that the aim of my work is about to change for good, it’s exciting, and it’s a bit daunting at the same time. Should I take a few categories to start with? How many categories should there be overall? Which ones should be on top? Nothing but questions that are rather hard to answer (unless you guys have an idea and wish to leave me a comment about it).

You can catch a glimpse of the tentative index above. As a matter of fact I will indeed start with a few categories, if only for practical reasons. The only question that remains is, which ones should I choose?

It will be easier in that way I’m sure.

My work will not stop there, it will even just be the beginning. I can’t wait for 2022, and not just so that we put the health crisis behind us. Even in a situation like this one can make plans for the future. I might even add that it’s precisely in periods like this that one can invent the future, and

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