Spring in the Forest

This is Spring. At last we can catch a glimpse of the sunshine. And hike in the forest. At least we could a few weeks ago.

A few weeks ago we went to Bois le Roi by train. It’s a nice memory because now we’re stuck at home again. This pandemic is wearing thick. The weather was really nice and we were able to have a picnic in the forest. Not too bad for early Spring, and a relief after nearly six months of unabated rainfall.

The forest was really crowded. Everyone around us was fed up with this succession of lockdowns and curfews and nonsensical instructions (German newspaper Die Zeit has even dubbed France “An authoritarian Absurdistan” but isn’t the whole world which has become absurd?) . Strangely enough, few people are complaining. Yet, one can feel there are all at the end of their tether.

Spring forest
Spring in the forest. T-Shirt weather and selfie on the rocks

Fontaineableu is a beautiful forest.

Spring Forest
In Spring and all other seasons, the forest is remarkable and pleasurable

Only sixty kilometres south of Paris, the Fontainebleau forest offers a real mosaic of landscapes. A former hunting ground for the kings of France, this vast forest of more than 20,000 hectares is well deserving of its title of “Forêt d’Exception®”.

I’d never heard of this “Remarkable Forest” label before (on the right). Yet the fact that it’s truly remarkable isn’t new to us. The rocks in the forest are famous and many climbers are flocking to that place for training purposes.

Famous throughout the world, the forest of Fontainebleau has inspired many artists, attracted by its rocky chaos with evocative shapes, its lights and its varied atmospheres.

The first natural site in the world to benefit from a protection measure with the Barbizon Painters’ Reserves, it is also a precious reservoir of biodiversity. It is home to a great diversity of environments and more than 1,200 animal and plant species. [source]

Famous painters, and writers like Stevenson, flocked to Barbizon. Here’s the most famous painting from Millet made over there.

L’Angélus by Jean-François Millet 1857 – 1859 – cc on Wikipedia (this work is in the public domain).

Spring forest frog

A frog in the forest near Fontainebleau in 2013, it’s a bit early for frogs yet.

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    • Overall, my compatriots have been relatively quiet and resilient and, they haven’t even moaned too much. That in itself is worthy of note. As to being anti-vax they topped the list for a long while. Mid you, Europe has been so useless on that. We’ve hardly vaccinated 10% of the population when you in Britain have had 60% or so. Well, at least I got my first jab. Three months to go. Hope you’re well and safe Tish.

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