Lovely Villennes

Vilennes - 1

This is a terrible pun, as ‘vilaine*’ means ugly and also naughty depending on context. Villennes-sur-Seine certainly is one of these dainty villages. It doesn’t deserve to be called ugly.

Lovely, not ugly, Villlennes

Lovely Villennes
Lovely Villennes: On the left-hand side one can catch a glimpse of the island of Villennes, chock-full of des res.

Villennes-sur-Seine is a commune in the Yvelines department in the Île-de-France region, a mere 25 miles west of Paris.

Lovely Villennes

Trees are so important there that they agreed to grant special rights to our CO2-eating friends.

The municipality of Villennes-sur-Seine voted to adopt the Declaration of the Rights of the Tree at the municipal council meeting on 10 June. It is symbolic,” explains Virginie Oks, deputy mayor for energy and ecological transition. It does not modify the inter-communal local urban plan (PLUI) in any way. Villennes-sur-Seine thus becomes the first Yvelines municipality to adopt this declaration and joins the forty or so municipalities that have already proclaimed it. “Trees are our daily life, they are our green lung, they are not a simple decorative object, they have many virtues”, reminds Virginie Oks.

And her name is Oks, I didn’t make that one up.

Lovely Villennes

It’s this time of year again when we’ll take our cameras new places. We’ll come back to you in a bit with more photos and great exciting news for the Antimuseum in Paris. Enjoy your hols and see you soon.

*If you really want to be pedantic: theoretically speaking, the pronunciation isn’t quite the same, but few would notice.

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