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Vaux le Vicomte

Vaux le Vicomte located an hour outside of Paris in the village of Maincy ranks among the largest in France. This remarkable estate was commissioned by Nicolas Fouquet, the superintendent of France under Louis XIV, and has since served as inspiration for countless buildings, including the Louis XIV add ons at Palace of Versailles. The breathtaking results of Vaux le Vicomte’s construction can be credited to the talents of the artists responsible for its design. The architect Louis Le Vau, the decorator Charles Le Brun, and the gardener André Le Nôtre. Considered one of the most beautiful creations of the 17th century, Vaux le Vicomte continues to mesmerize visitors today.

vaux le vicomte

Black and White Photography

Shot in both black and white and color the photos from this day turned out beautifully. When asking Yann why he chose to put the photos in black in white he said “Usually black and white is easier. You use it in different situations first when it’s a grey day like today. Imagine if you take a picture of a sky that is showing grey/white. There would be no color instead just a vast expanse of background. It’s better than color photography sometimes. When you start shooting pics at noon the sun is terrible because all the colors are wishy-washy so if you turn it into black and white you have very sharp and contrasting shadows. So if you are taking pictures of a very grey building why would you want to shoot it in color.”

vaux le vicomte

Vaux le Vicomte in Black and White

In addition to his response, the use of black and white photography can capture the mood or feeling of a scene. By emphasizing the contrasts between light and dark, it can visually story tell. The Vaux le Vicomte estate provides an excellent backdrop for capturing both black and white as well as color photos. With its timeless elegance and history, the château is capable of inhibiting emotions and a sense of depth.

vaux le vicomte

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