Vivaldi Concert

Concerts are a place where people from all walks of life can come together and share a moment of joy. As the world recovers from the pandemic, we must continue to prioritize the importance of music and concerts. While capturing the essence of concerts through photography is an achievement, it’s also incredibly challenging. An example of this is the concert photography captured during the Vivaldi Concert that took place in March.


Vivaldi Concert in Paris

The Vivaldi Concert held at the Notre Dame du Travail was one of these performances that brought people together. Known as “Our Lady of Work,” this church was the ideal setting for the occasion. Located in the 14th arrondissement in Paris, just a short walk from Place de Catalogne, this historic church holds great significance. Its construction in 1902 coincided with the time during the Universal Exhibition of Paris on the Champ de Mars. Unlike most traditional churches in Paris, the Notre Dame du Travail features a mix of iron frames and acute ceilings. It creates a spectacle that is both unique and gaze worthy.

concert photography

Concert Photography

Although a church may seem like a perfect setting for a concert, it can create a challenging task for even the most experienced photographer. Working around different settings to achieve the perfect speed and aperture is essential. Evidently as the Greek word for photo means light, it’s clear that light is the most critical aspect of photography. Unfortunately, being in a dark church is not ideal as the lighting conditions are constantly changing, making it even more difficult to capture the perfect shot. The quick movements of the performers and instruments require a very fast shutter speed, and access to multiple angles is often limited. Furthermore with an unpredictable event, photographers only have a limited amount of time to capture the perfect shot. The accumulation of all these factors makes concert photography one of the toughest scenes for any photographer to shoot. Only well trained professionals who have all the gear and know how to adjust all their settings for this task will be able to overcome these challenges and capture the shot.

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