I’m in love with my gear

Do you like your photo gear? I do love mine indeed. I could even sing a song about it.

I'm in love with my gear
My babies shot with an iPhone 11 Pro max (which couldn’t be added to that photo but is definitely part of it)

Remember that old 1975 Queen song? Here, the lyrics could be something like

I’m in love with my gear
Gotta feel for my DSLR
I’m in love with my gear
String-back gloves in my BikoBarbour

Couldn’t find a better rime with gear for the last verse. The original says in my “automolove”. Well, you figure it out. The truth is I do wear string-back gloves while riding my Barbour Brommie (below) in my Barbour jacket.

Photo Gear
Night photography shooting session in Paris on my Brompton, back in the days where freedom meant something. My photo gear is in the canvas Barbour bag (well, it wasn’t at the time I took this photo of course)

If you want to read more about my gear and my approach to photography, you may go to the dedicated “about my kit” page


This page of the Antimuseum is dedicated to my photo gear. I grew a passion for Art ever since childhood and I have been doing watercolour painting and drawing since the early 1980s. I have practised photography since the early 1980s, beginning with a Foca Sport II (an old 1960s French-made camera with a beautiful Angenieux fixed lens). I then practised on a more advanced Canon AE1 Program (from 1981 onwards), and I learned the Art of development in the dark room all by myself, focusing on black & white.

In 1996, I discovered digital photography – being an Internet pioneer – with one of Canon‘s first digital cameras brought by one of my Unisys colleagues direct from Japan: Canon’s Powershot 600.

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