Winter Views of Paris

Winter in Paris

Winter in Paris is quite dreary, it rains a lot and it’s frigid… the high energy the summer brings is far away. But at least there’s not much snow that comes around. This city experiences 15 snow days a year on average.

10 years ago six inches of snow fell, one of the highest snowfalls over the last 10 years. In 2018, there was another recorded 7 inches of snowfall, which shocked the city.

Winter in Paris
Luxembourg Gardens in the snow.

It’s rare that Paris is covered in snow. Yet, this year we did get our fair share of the white stuff. Here’s a view of the Luxembourg Gardens on a Sunday in 2013.

Two empty snow-filled chairs.

Those two chairs are looking like they have been ornamented with two cushions of snow. Such a shame someone couldn’t help mess up the one on the right. The ultra crisp 24-85 mm Nikon zoom lens and a speed of 1/100 (Full Exif details here) made it possible to capture the falling snowflakes.

Snow lion in Paris in the Winter

This is, undoubtedly, a snow lion. Hence the following song (Babilonia and Feist)

Winter in ParisA snow-covered statue is surveying the frozen pond where, on normal occasions, kids are sailing toy boats. The last recorded heavy snowfall was in 1987.

The Vacancy of Winter

Winter in Paris

Almost 6 inches of snow on that day… No one is going out for dinner in this weather… or a cigarette for that matter.

Bollards in winter
No comment… just not typical of winter in Paris…

An empty bench… that is beside the snow.

Who would like to sit on that bench? Nobody is out and about in these conditions- the streets are empty and the cars are stuck in place. I think Paris looks quite beautiful in the snow, though I rather prefer snow to rain any day of the year.

Snowy bike in Paris

And who ride this bike for that matter…? I question the convenience of these bikes in the snow… maybe that’s why it’s perfect

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