Life After the Lockdown

Liberty after the Lockdown

Liberty is ours… sort of. We’re done with the lockdown. We no longer need to carry our papers around and justify why we need to go out. No need to explain why we’re going to the grocer’s or take a stroll. The air feels different, it feels wrong to be out. These are pictures of no. 8 Villa Seurat in the 14th District, a stone’s throw from where we live. It feels so freeing to be able to walk around again.

This house is one of 8 modernist architecture houses built by André Lurçat in the 1920s. I can’t help but think about everyone and what they have been up to for these months in lockdown, how liberated they must feel now, as I do myself. I feel liberated to be out, though it’s not all back to normal yet.


Plants blooming and beaming in the sun. Shadows right below them, they are seen differently in different lights. We are in a new light now, after the lockdown, I saw the world so many different ways in all this time. It feels nice to be here, outside, exploring freely once again. I wonder if life will ever be the same again, or feel the same for that matter. It’s all about perspective, it’s about how you feel about and see things.

after the lockdown - California Poppies

L’Etang la Ville – Who would think that this shot was taken in the vicinity of a sprawling City? Those who wonder what these beautiful flowers are will be pleased to learn that they are California poppies. Poppies symbolize remembrance, peace, and hope for a positive future. I think it was perfect I stumbled upon these. We will always hold COVID-19 and the lockdown in our memories, we lived through a major historical event. Through this though, there is a hope for a positive and peaceful future. We hope that nothing like this will ever happen again, but it is inevitable, it’s life. Seeing this flowers gave me a sense of hope for the future though, and this photograph is beautiful, the gold poppies are gleaming.


Créteil – June 2020. I’m sure these dogs were ecstatic to be getting out of the house and walking around without a time limit. I wonder if they were able to see their dog friends when the lockdown was over. I guess animals for the most part were used to being inside, and they were probably excited to have their owners by their side all the time. It’s good that the lockdown is over, but what if they are upset about us leaving again, after being home so long. And we’ll never be able to explain to them exactly what has happened and what’s going on, I wonder how they feel, perhaps not the liberty that we do, but I can’t speak for them.

It’s all about perspective, after all.

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