one two three four … Einstein On The Beach

“Knee play” is the opening piece of Einstein on the Beach, Philip Glass’s famous opera (1979). For an extensive explanation of “knee plays” and namely knee play 1 and its random numbers, please check Nicolas Sceaux’s page. This is a close-up of my old Swedish computing machine, a pre-computer model from the 1950s which works, like Pascal’s calculator by adding and substracting numbers, hence enables one – through complex shifting mechanisms – to multiply and divide too. I used to be able to compute faster with this machine than typing on an electronic calculator. Please note that I’m not that old, I got that machine when I was 18 or so, and it used to be a sort of game for me to compare how fast one could use it. You are now entitled to listen to Knee Play 1. Don’t forget to buy the record!

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