I don’t know about you but here, with this lockdown thing, our patience is wearing thin. My Mac keeps nagging me for not backing up for 50+ days to the time capsule which has remained in the office. I’ve read quite a few pages of “This Sceptered Isle”, complete with Winston Churchill’s comments, going all the way from Cassivellaunus to Charles I (Lord! I love this man’s shoes). That’s where I am at the moment. When I’m not reading (I won’t even mention the 15-hour working day tied at my desk), I cook some crepes and I take pictures of them with my macro lens.

This one looks very much like a planet seen from the International Space Station.

The lockdown gave us a chance to discover our garden in the midst of the City. A bit of a luxury if you ask me. Yet, before the lockdown, we were so busy that we hardly ever went there at all. Last Sunday, as I was stretching my legs in our garden while lugging my camera and its 3-tonne macro lens, I came across these irises. Whoever said the lockdown was a pain? it’s a blessing, rather. Anyway, I’m locked down in my office all year round, not much of a difference for me (apart from my daily biking exercise of course, and that’s a serious downside).

This one looked a bit sad. 

My favourite.

I ended up being sort of nonplussed after discovering last week’s photo challenge about walls. Walls aren’t anything to me, I love the open air, freedom, boundless playgrounds, be it figuratively or in reality. So when I discovered this week’s “Fresh” challenge I thought to myself that it would be a chance for me to make up for a lost opportunity of sharing my work with you last week.

Versailles  16 of 24

Spring is fresh, flowers are fresh and the air is fresh too in April around the Albert Kahn gardens in Boulogne near Paris. 

Somme DSC 1372

Flowers are blooming everywhere after three of the most dreadful Winter months ever, grey and dull, we are once again able to enjoy the sunshine and mild weather.

Macro DSC 0487

And the nearby Auteuil greenhouses are fresh too and dew is showing on the leaves of its exotic flowers. So much so that I could see myself in that drop of water. 

Brevannes 072012 DSC 1848

And soon, lavender will be flowering too, bringing its fresh scent as in this Picardy garden. Thanks to the dailypost Friday photo challenge for bringing this idea of a fresh challenge, it’s so good to be out of Winter and back into Spring. There will soon be so many roses to capture with my camera and my preferred 105mm/f:2.8 macro lens.

Brevannes 072012 DSC 1850

A very elegant yet improbable position. Try mimicking that! Even with yoga training…
Close up view. The bronze is beautifully crafted
Seen from above, the lady and the mirror…

Hurray! My old new D600 has just arrived in order to replace my stolen camera. While loads of funny comments about oil and dust spot issues are issued on the Web, the D600 is now cheaper. Buying a second hand camera and lens kit made it even cheaper, even though cheaper doesn’t mean cheap. Yet, I decided to start from scratch and not think about this dreadful event and start working on my pictures again. Here are my first shots today with the new camera, a set of stills of a statue by Michel Pigeon, a local artist from Rue Hallé, a nearby street in the 14th arrondissement.

This is a small bronze piece and the shots were taken with the superb Nikon 105mm macro (micro) lens. Not a spot of oil or anything on the shots; note that nothing would ever show with very large aperture modes. Anyway, as Ken Rockwell rightfully points out on his excellent website, what matters is the lens, so if there is one thing you need to invest in, it’s a good lens or a super good lens like the 105mm I used in this series of shots.