Off To A Fresh Start For The Fresh Photo Challenge

I ended up being sort of nonplussed after discovering last week’s photo challenge about walls. Walls aren’t anything to me, I love the open air, freedom, boundless playgrounds, be it figuratively or in reality. So when I discovered this week’s “Fresh” challenge I thought to myself that it would be a chance for me to make up for a lost opportunity of sharing my work with you last week.

Versailles 16 of 24

Spring is fresh, flowers are fresh and the air is fresh too in April around the Albert Kahn gardens in Boulogne near Paris.

Somme DSC 1372

Flowers are blooming everywhere after three of the most dreadful Winter months ever, grey and dull, we are once again able to enjoy the sunshine and mild weather.

Macro DSC 0487

And the nearby Auteuil greenhouses are fresh too and dew is showing on the leaves of its exotic flowers. So much so that I could see myself in that drop of water.

Brevannes 072012 DSC 1848

And soon, lavender will be flowering too, bringing its fresh scent as in this Picardy garden. Thanks to the dailypost Friday photo challenge for bringing this idea of a fresh challenge, it’s so good to be out of Winter and back into Spring. There will soon be so many roses to capture with my camera and my preferred 105mm/f:2.8 macro lens.

Brevannes 072012 DSC 1850

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