The Clematis, amongst the flowers of Bagatelle, are my favourites. Here are my two best macro shots.


There are approximately 300 species of that flower, which is part of ‘the buttercup family, Ranunculaceae’.

Clematis – Bagatelle – Paris – May 2022

‘Their garden hybrids have been popular amongst gardeners, [3] beginning with Clematis × jackmanii, a garden standby since 1862; more hybrid cultivars are being produced constantly. They are mainly of Chinese and Japanese origin.

Most of us know these species as clematis in English, while some know it as traveller’s joy, a name the British invented for their sole use, C. vitalba, by the herbalist John Gerard; virgin’s bower for C. terniflora, C. virginiana, and C. viticella; old man’s beard, one applies to several species with prominent seedheads; leather flower for those with fleshy petals; or vase vine for the North American Clematis viorna.’

And here’s a poem about the Clematis by Alexander Bathgate

The Clematis

Fair crown of stars of purest ray,
Hung aloft on Mapau tree,
What floral beauties ye display,
Stars of snowy purity;
Around the dark-leaved mapau’s head
Unsullied garlands ye have spread. Concealed were all thy beauties rare
’Neath the dark umbrageous shade,
But still to gain the loftiest spray,
Thy weak stem its efforts made;
Now, every obstacle o’ercome,
Thou smilest from thy leafy home.That home secure, ’mid sombre leaves
Yielded by thy stalwart spouse,
Helps thee to show thy fairy crown,
Decorates his dusky boughs:
His strength, thy beauty, both unite
And form a picture to delight.

Fair flower, methinks thou dost afford
Emblem of a perfect wife,
Whose work is hidden from the world,
Till, perchance, her husband’s life
Is by her influence beautified,
And this by others is descried.

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