The Cambodian Pavilion at Cité Universitaire – B&W (Name Your Choice!)

The off campus students housing project is made of distinct pavilions representing different countries. This one is the Cambodian pavilion, with 2 different views, both in black and white. Name your choice!

May 29 update at 7.00 pm, 4 votes and it’s a 2-2 draw !
May 29 update at 7.46 am, only 3 votes and picture one wins by 2 to 1.
Picture no.1 represents the entrance to the building, guarded by 2 huge stone statues (only one is visible on this picture)
Picture no. 2 shows one of the Asian lions and the backdrop is the much more occidental 1930s church in Gentilly.

And now, the vote! (available for one week)

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