Alexandre III Bridge: Quintessentially Art Nouveau

Alexandre III, built from 1896-1900 is the quintessential Art Nouveau bridge. Here are a few shots taken in perfect “menacing clouds” kind of weather (mind you, we didn’t get much else this year in Western Europe).

Alexander III /Alexandre III and the Eiffel tower
Statue 1 is a classic view, but I like the “Love You” note on its arm…

Alexander III /Alexandre III
This shot was a little more complex than planned since the statue was considerably darker than the background. Lightroom 4 came to the rescue in the developing process.

Alexander III /Alexandre III
Ditto, from a different angle. I find this statue incredibly gracious.

Alexander III /Alexandre III

A gilded lion on the bridge and the Grand Palais in the background.

Alexander III /Alexandre III

A classic view of the bridge and a good means to exercise manual focus and small DOF

Alexander III /Alexandre III

I loooove those clouds.

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