Champs Elysees – Trailing Lights (2)

Here is the remainder of my Saturday night pictures of trailing lights at the Arc de Triomphe:
Place de L'étoile - Arc de Triomphe
One of my favourites.
Place de L'étoile - Arc de Triomphe
As cabs were passing by, a mixture of green and red lights.
Place de L'étoile - Arc de Triomphe
This dude looked really cool, and I thought that was a nice picture … until I realised a lamppost was coming out of his head. Bummer!

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    • Thanks Paul, very kind. This is indeed my favourite and that was my first go at it too on that night. All Exif data is available at from Flickr, direct. The aperture chosen was 10 on the contrary, in order to preserve sharpness on the monument and its surroundings. By checking the sharpness using the original file on Flickr I realise I have a lot of Chromatic aberration on that shot though. That could have been minimised through Lightroom.

      The blur effect is due to the long exposure 1.6 seconds. In that case, I had to wait for cars to arrive at high speed, and I used my IR remote to capture the shot. I was using the 24-85 mm Nikon mini zoom on its max wide angle position, which probably isn’t a good idea, but Lightroom makes up for all distortion. The image hasn’t been tweaked not filtered. I do not use a filter other than a UV filter, and I used a tripod too. As always with tripods, you have to kill the Vibration Reduction (VR on Nikon) feature to avoid blurry pictures. Thanks for stopping by the antimuseum 🙂

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