Late Afternoon Stroll In Antibes (Without the Nasty Bits)

I don’t usually retouch my pictures even though there is a very useful feature in Lightroom which makes it possible for you to export them into Photoshop and then reimport them into Lightroom. It won’t destroy the original, it will create a new copy and you will then be able to keep both copies just in case you want to start all over again.

Antibes - French Riviera ) Dec 2016

I took the picture above in Antibes two weeks ago. It was so balmy it was unbelievable. Freezing temperature in Paris, and lower 70s over there. A dream.


What wasn’t a dream though was all these details I hated in that picture. I loved the lady moving fast on the lefthand side, I hated all the posts and signs. So I took them away (at least the more annoying ones). I left the manhole cover in the foreground because it didn’t bother me that much. It is obviously debatable whether one should or not do that. Traffic signs are a constant of our Cityscapes. I only wish sometimes they weren’t so ugly. Well, if you agree or disagree, just leave a comment.

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  1. I’ve wrestled a lot with the ethics of altering images since last year’s story about one of my all-time photographic idols ( In journalism, there should be no question that any alteration is forbidden — because such photos are intended to represent the “truth” of a particular moment, and to serve as a historical record. But what if the image is shot for artistic purposes, and mainly for one’s own enjoyment? Then I think you are free to remove (or add) whatever you please! Which you have done quite masterfully, I must add. You are wise in the ways of Photoshop, Yann.

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