Water Water Everywhere…

And quite a few drops to drink, to turn Coleridge into a liar. Here’s for Friday’s challenge entitled “liquid


On a very hot Spring day, when it was 29° Celsius in Vincennes, in April 2018. a tonic on ice was welcome on our bike ride in the forest. This time I didn’t throw away the cubes.vacété2012public-DSC_2535

The wife is more into her “Suze“. I’m not crazy about Gentian, much of an acquired taste I suppose. A very old fashioned Swiss drink.vacété2012public-DSC_2830

Menthe à l’eau is more like it as far as I’m concerned. Mint syrup and fresh water (no ice). Hmm. Water water everywhere and mind you, no Albatross was killed.

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  1. Whenever I get ice cubes in France I cherish them, Yann — for they are a rarity indeed! I loved all of your photos, but especially that emerald-green “Suze.” You somehow managed to make it look solid and translucent at the same time!

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