Italian Curves

I missed the Friday Challenge boat this weekend. Let’s try and make up for it tonight. Jen’s theme was “Twisted“. As we have just come back from Tuscany, I chose pictures from that area. First and foremost, the San Luchese hotel in Poggibonsi above and its delightful curvy gardens made of box plants. Box blight is a disease (fungus) affecting box bushes all over the planet but apparently, it hadn’t found its way to Tuscany yet, thank God.


In Fiesole, above Florence, the curves of a Roman theatre. What I loved best were the little white flowers.41275635935_e8b6f3793c_k

27304389237_f240a2c309_kMore of the same. Like most ancient monuments in Europe, it has been extensively rebuilt. Check here for a 1910 photo of that site. Many stones were found in houses, all over town.41275636995_039ec7596d_k

More curves and poppies, making up for nice complementary colours. Not quite faithful to the twisted theme, but my interpretation of it.

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