The Red Brazilian Residence

The red Brazilian Residence
The Brazilian Residence of the Cite Universitaire was built by architects Lucio Costa and Le Corbusier

The other day we were visiting the Cité U for the umpteenth time. It’s funny how you can visit some places a hundred times and still discover new things.

That was the case on that dreary January day outside the Brazilian residence (built by architects Le Corbusier and Lucio Costa). I was looking into the empty building when I caught a glimpse of a reflection I found somewhat interesting.

It turned out the picture was a total dud and just as I was about to throw it away, I decided to change my mind and to try a few filters on it.

And here I found this reddish filter which came out of nowhere and wasn’t even called a red filter and I had found the exact thing — except it was red now — I had seen in that window.

I tried to turn it into B&W which was the closest colour to the palish skies on that day. It didn’t work. I liked red better. It had to stay red.

It may be a personal photo, one that only means something to myself, but this is exactly what I wanted to achieve when I took it and this is why it’s here in front of your eyes. And maybe you like it too, hopefully.

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