Art Deco Railway Station in Versailles Chantiers

Versailles Chantiers is one of the many railway stations in Versailles. This one is a little bit further away from the Chateau. Its name is derived from the building sites (“Chantiers” in French) where the stone-carving workshops were located. In a nutshell, this is the place where the stones were prepared for the building of the chateau in the 17-18th centuries.

Art Deco Versailles Chantiers
The spectacular Art Deco clock in Versailles Chantiers

Since the 1930s it’s been the location of a new railway station. It was bombed during the war, but it’s well preserved nonetheless. The huge clock in the hall is absolutely fantastic. the whiteness of this hall makes it look so pristine. If it weren’t for the two ugly — but useful — digital screens on both sides (not mentioning peoples’ clothing), you’d think we are still in the art deco era. It is said that the arches on the outside are made to make it look like Le Petit Trianon palace. Well, without the red marble, that is.

I missed the arches though, I will need to get back there. I love Art Deco, it’s a great architectural period in my mind. Our parents hated it, they were born during that period and to them, it looks awful and reminiscent of not-so-nice times.

A bit like us with 1970s architecture, which younger ones love and that we love to hate.

Anyway, Art Deco always makes for nice compositions as in the picture above, reinforced by the perspective of the railway lines and cables. I had just been told off for not wearing my facemask properly, but you can’t really tell on the picture (which I managed to take despite all the mist on my glasses).

If you’re interested in stopping your glasses from steaming up, here are a few tricks courtesy of Auntie.

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