Saint Lizier Trees outside the Bishop’s Palace

Bishop's Palace in Saint Lizier and Trees

Saint Lizier and its trees. I love trees so much I thought it would make a nice back-to-school post for September.

Trees in Saint Lizier and news from the front studio

Saint Lizier trees
Thuja outside the Bishops’ Palace in Saint Lizier, I’m not a fan of that kind of tree except the magnificent Moroccan trees. This one reminded me of them.

Unter den Linden

It’s this time of year when kids are getting back to school and things are starting to catch up, even though I’ve been back to work for at least a whole month. We tend to spend a rather protracted time in our house in the mountains since Internet connections have caught up with us. Over a weekend a few weeks back we went to visit the so-called “Bishops’ Palace” in Saint Lizier.

Saint Lizier trees
Unter den Linden*: now, talking about trees, this humongous Lime tree in Saint Lizier is rather impressive. You can tell by looking at the size of the lady underneath the tree.

As I’ve told you already, I’ve been working hard for at least a month. There is much to do on top of regular clients and their much-awaited deliverables, new projects, weekly blogging and podcasting work, it’s all very busy. But this isn’t all. I’m in the process of turning my business around and adding a new activity based on photography. Hence the overhauling of this website earlier this year.

You can have a look at my portfolios here, it’s all in the making and it’s just a beginning of course, but things are moving on. Today I’ll be roaming around town to purchase a new camera for my photo studio to be and a new lens, an 85 mm f:1.4 Nikkor lens dedicated to portraits.

No trees and not in Saint Lizier: news from my photo studio in Paris

There is more. As I stated above, I’m building my new studio right now. It’s a lot of work, and I keep cycling around town to oversee the building works and there’s a lot to do. 

Saint Lizier Trees
This part of our new offices will be used as a photo studio. We’ll also use it for video and podcast recordings
This is where our desks will be. These photos were taken before the renovation work. This huge desk was resold to some other business for I hate throwing things away. The new desks will be mostly second hand.
Saint Lizier Trees
At the moment the whole place is in a bit of a mess. electricity and RJ45 cabling is being fitted, walls have been stripped, new lighting will be installed, a metal truss will be added to this part of the studio, we’ll add a bar (for coffee only, no booze served on-premises 😉 3 new desks, stools, chairs and a couple of armchairs, shelves four our books, shelves for our NAS servers et al, a safe for keeping all our glass and camera bodies etc.
Saint Lizier Trees
New flooring and new locks on the door will be added as well and I’m not mentioning decoration, that will come later.
Saint Lizier Trees
a rendition of what the studio will look like at a later stage. The skylight is reminiscent of the first photo studios that were created at the end of the 19th century when studio lighting didn’t exist.
Saint Lizier Trees
I’m still trying to figure out how the metallic truss will fit it around the skydome. Not an easy task.

As you can see, this is no time for idling, once all of this is done, there will be more work to be done on the website and next, we’ll work on the contract with photography company who will send us new clients. Exciting times.

*Unter den Linden (literally under the lime trees) is a famous avenue in Berlin

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