She Dances Alone – Casa de Argentina en Paris

Casa de Argentina en Paris is the pavilion of the Argentine Republic at Cité Universitaire, the international varsity campus of Paris. One day, as we were taking pictures with my friend Olivier around the campus we stopped by the Casa as we had heard the sound of tango music. As we went in, Josefina welcomed us. She was the organiser of this tango session within the pavilion. As it happens, Josefina was dancing alone, which reminded us of a famous song about Argentina by British musician Sting.  

Casa de Argentina en Paris

Casa de Argentina
Casa de Argentina

Why are these women here
Dancing on their own?
Why is there this sadness in their eyes?’


We met Josefina while shooting pictures at the Off Campus Students’ Housing estate of the Paris University. As we were approaching the Argentinian pavilion (Casa de Argentina) on our way back home…

She danced alone

… through the window on the left we noticed people dancing Tango and we immediately spotted Josefina who asked us to come into the building.

Casa de Argentina
The pavilion


She greeted us very kindly and showed us around. I liked her lithography a lot. Her exhibition is on until the end of May at the Casa de Argentina in Paris, so don’t you miss it!

Casa de Argentina
Josefina at the pavilion of the Argentine Republic in Paris
reverso de la tarjeta de Paris
reverso de la tarjeta de Paris

Find out more about her Art in Spanish at the following URL:

Ten years on

As I’m updating this post in 2023, I realise that Josefina’s website has disappeared, as have many other Web pages by the way. And it’s sad. Each time a Web page disappears it’s a bit as if a little lightbulb were switched off somewhere in the world.

I tracked Josefina on the Net and found her on LinkedIn. She was invited by RFI (Radio France International) to talk about her Art at an Exhibition at Paris Grand Palais. That was three years ago. I also found a gallery dedicated to her work on the Saatchi Art Web page. She looks very successful and this is good news.

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