Life Before the Lockdown

Life Before the Lockdown

March 2020, the month the world stopped. The Coronavirus pandemic, a major event, affecting everyone and everything. Life before the lockdown. I think a pivotal moment for everyone. Life before the pandemic seems like an unreachable reality. It was truly a simpler time, though most things have gone back to the once ‘normal’, there are also things that will never be the same.

Life before the lockdown… Deauville – December 2019. Nobody could have guessed what was going to happen.

Life As We Know It

life before lockdown

On the streets, along the Seine, tourists, families, and friends roam free. There were no constraints, no lockdowns, no curfews. Everyone was basking in the freedom we called everyday life, not thinking.

Don’t get me wrong, life was nowhere near perfect, but there was also no one thinking that a pandemic would happen. In a city of intimacy and love, there was so much taken from Paris in this time. The enjoyment of a picnic, going out to dinner, and spending time with family, was a part of life. I never thought twice about it.

life before lockdown

Everyone basking in the sun, spending time in each others’ company, the simplicity of freedom. Not a care in the world.

The once beautiful cathedral, in the midst of reconstruction. Beautiful things take time, even though bad things happen and no one knows why. No one saw the pandemic coming, though it made a detrimental effect on the world, we will rebuild and make it through.

Sounds like Prehistory now, this early march visit to La Roche Guyon. Pre lockdown, but you wouldn’t know because it was before the tourist season, there wasn’t anybody there to be seen. Though, a before and after the lockdown session over there wouldn’t have meant much.

The obligatory tilt-shift from above the village, streets empty. You would think this came from the midst of the pandemic.
life before lockdown

La Roche Guyon is a mix between a mediaeval fort and a 17th century chateau. Seems like a dream, traveling and not thinking twice about anything.

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